TPS Services Ltd provides in-depth technical IT Training in many subject areas. Some of the areas include;

  • Unix/Linux, Solaris, AIX and Windows
  • Scripting/Programming Languages (Perl, Python, Shell, Ruby, JavaScript)
  • System and Infrastructure automation (Puppet, Chef)
  • Networking (TCP/IP, DNS, etc) & Web technologies and services
  • Databases systems, e.g. Sybase, DB2, MySQL and SQL Server
  • Volume Management systems, e.g. Veritas and Linux
  • and others

We provide many courses or trainers in these and other areas, so please call or Email us if you cannot find a course you need and we will do our best to help you get the course you need.

Courses can be pre-written for common subjects, or bespoke to meet your needs. We can also;

  • Help develop courses
  • Provide trainers for teaching your courses
  • Help create and deliver training plans
  • Graduate training programs
  • Webinars and on-line training

Call or Email us to discuss your needs